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Grey vs Beige: The Most Popular Interior Design Colours

grey and champagne dining room

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and thought how amazingly put together it looks? Most of the time, it comes down to colour! When looking at popular interior design, we have to take reactions like this into consideration. Neutral and complimentary colours are very on trend right now with the most popular colour being grey; possibly due to how easy it is to pair with most other colours like silver, blue etc. 

Best paint to use?

If you’re looking for a brand of paint to buy, Dulux is definitely the most popular with over 52,000 monthly searches for their top 10 paint shades! Unsurprisingly, Dulux’s ‘polished pebble’ (a shade of grey) paint was their most searched shade. Grey came into favour for its ability to make a room seem chic but cozy and its relative ease to maintain. However it has been topic pick for the best part of a decade now and as the new generations start to pick their ‘nesting colours’, grey is starting to get phased out.

If you, like many of Gen Z, groan at the thought of seeing anymore grey paint, you will be happy to know that white and beige colours are on the rise! As trends do, they tend to cycle; white and beige were all the rage in the early 2000’s but let’s hope we don’t see the rise of any paisley or yellow prints circa the 1960’s! 

popular grey interior

Moving away from grey?

Decorating your house with popular interior design trends can be difficult due to the ever changing nature of trends. At least the trends are changing from light colour to light colour so it won’t take as much work as when we were moving away from statement, dark walls.

White and beige colours create a more warm and inviting atmosphere and work best alongside other warm tones (they can really work great if you have dark hardwood flooring) which may be why homeowners are starting to favour them over the cooler toned, chic grey. They are harder to maintain however if you have children or pets; any scrape will show and baby gates leave marks!

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