Proud to be supporting the newly opened Bay Veterans Hub

A quick update to let our readers know that we are now proud sponsors of the Bay Veterans Hub.

This amazing charity is part of the UK Homes for Heroes charitable organisation, which provides vital support services for military veterans in our local area.

We believe that this organisation does excellent work, and we are happy to support their efforts!

The charity says – Our main objectives are to help those who have served our country and may now be in need of a break, including sufferers of PTSD, the elderly veterans who are lonely, isolated and vulnerable, and their families who are always the ones left to pick up the pieces”

What is the Bay Veterans Hub?

The Bay Veterans Hub provides a safe and secure environment for ex-servicemen to get off the streets. It is a place where they can find shelter, food, and support, and it helps them to rebuild their lives.

The newly opened hub in Herne bay is run by experienced veterans who are ideally placed to understand the challenges that ex-servicemen face.

What else does the charity do?


The team provide a valuable outreach program with the aim of finding veterans who are sleeping rough and providing them with the support, a warm meal, drinks and essentials to make them more comfortable.

Helping to find homes

Help with finding a permanent home and in most cases helping with a grant towards a deposit and setting up a home with furniture and white goods.

The Charity has also purchased two static homes. These lovely caravans by the sea act as a holiday retreat. Veterans can stay at one of the holiday homes completely free.

Counselling and support groups

UK homes for heroes understand that many veterans are dealing with PTSD and other mental health issues. That’s why, they offer counselling and support groups to help them cope with their experiences. The Hub even has a dedicated counselling room exactly for this purpose.

In our opinion, The Bay Veterans Hub is a wonderful charity and is making a real difference to the lives of veterans in our community. We are proud to be supporting them.

If you would like to find out more about this organisation or make a donation, please visit their website,

Thanks for reading!

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