Is spring a good time to sell your property?

selling your house in springtime

When you put your house on the market can impact how long it takes to find a buyer and the price you achieve. Selling at a good time will give you the best chance of achieving the best price in the shortest time.

Spring is widely regarded as the best time to sell your property because of a few different reasons.

Winter is over!

The winter months typically take a little longer to sell a house, for obvious reasons.

Spring signifies a fresh start and this is great motivation for people that have been thinking about buying a property for some time.

At this time of year, buyers are out and about taking advantage of the nice weather that usually comes along with spring. Buyers will start looking at properties outside their immediate area.

More potential buyers

Many people will start to consider their new home options once the new year has come.

This means estate agents start to fill their books with people looking to buy in specific locations, marketing your house in the spring takes advantage of these potential buyers.

Is your house near a school?

With the average home sale taking around 8 weeks if you purchase your property in spring there is a good chance you will be in before the end of the school year.

For buyers with young families, this may be particularly important because of the regulations around catchment areas and school places.

Your Property Kerb Appeal

Spring means green! the outside of your property is known to have a significant impact on your viewing potential. Gardens will inevitably look a little dull in the colder months. Spring brings fresh buds and new growth giving a great first impression.

Deals for sellers

In the new year and leading into spring many estate agents will run promotions to attract new buyers. Our 6-week selling challenge is a great example of this.

These may also include viewing incentives, cashback offers or an offer of a reduction in fees for certain service levels.

Taking advantage of these deals can help you sell your home for less, at a time when demand is high.

in conclusion, Spring is a great time to sell your property. There are more buyers looking for homes at this time of year, the weather is nicer, and promotions may be available from estate agents.

Check out our current properties for sale and take advantage of our 6-week selling challenge to get your property sold this springtime.

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