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10 packing tips when moving

Moving house can be an incredibly stressful process and packing is probably one of the least enjoyable and stressful parts of it. Packing a house is incredibly time consuming and you want to make sure that everything is packed correctly for fear of breaking that vase your mother in law gave you and would rain hellfire if it was broken because you clearly don’t value the things she gives you enough.

We’ve created a list of tips and tricks to make sure you can make packing as stress free as possible. 

1. Picking the right removal company

Not all removal companies are made equal. You need to make sure that the company you pick is trustworthy and has a good reputation. You need to make sure they have the right vehicles for what you need, think about how many big furniture items you have and how many vans you think they may fill; and make sure that the moving company has enough vehicles for this.

2. Don’t leave packing until the last minute

If you’re packing a house for the first time, you may underestimate just how much time goes into packing! ‘All you have to do is throw things in boxes right?’ Wrong! First of all, you need to find the hundreds of boxes you’ll be using (you can usually go to big shops like Tesco’s and they’ll give you theirs) but it can take time if you have a lot of stuff to find enough. You need to make sure everything is packed securely to avoid breakage, dismantle the furniture, label everything, the list could go on! Start packing early.

3. Start in the least used room

It might sound obvious but common sense can leave us in stressful situations. Start with things and rooms that are used least, and do these at least a few weeks in advance of your move date. Items in the backs of wardrobes, winter/summer clothes depending on the season you’re moving, guest rooms, etc., can all be packed in advance and you’ll thank yourself for it later. 

You can then use these rooms as storage for all the boxes and dismantled furniture to save your living spaces becoming clustered. 

4. Organise your boxes

As said above, packing is a lot more than just shoving everything in a box and hoping for the best. Make sure that you’re allocating your box space properly, e.g. bigger things in bigger boxes. However, make sure to not overload them to the point you can’t lift them anymore. If you have a lot of smaller items that can add up to heavy items like books, make sure to spread these out amongst many boxes.

5. Pack room by room

We advise packing one room completely before moving onto another. If you’re half packing one room and then moving onto another, you could easily lose track of what you’ve packed and where you’ve put it. 

6. Make sure to pack securely 

If there’s any empty space in your boxes, fill it with bubble wrap and/or newspaper. This will pad your boxes without adding extra weight and provide protection for your contents. 

7. Label!

Make sure to label your boxes! Even just writing ‘kitchen, front room, bedroom 2’ etc, will help you when it comes to putting your stuff in the new house. Anyone helping you move will be able to know where to put the boxes and it will save you carrying random boxes around the new house. You could even list what’s in the box so you know what to unpack first. 

8. Have a clear out!

Moving house is a perfect time to clear yourself of clutter! You’ll be dragging everything out of wardrobes, under beds, the loft, garage, etc, if you haven’t used it in the last year (not counting 2020, most summer items weren’t used sadly), then donate it or chuck it! Moving house can be therapeutic. You can create a fresh start for yourself, including leaving the clutter behind. 

9. Put Essentials On Top! 

Another perk of packing room by room is that you will pack the stuff you need the most last. Make sure essentials such as toiletries, underwear/everyday clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils, etc, are packed into the truck first (these will be the last to then come out and be accessible to you) and the very essentials are at the top of the boxes so you don’t have to dig for them.

10. Don’t leave anything behind

Make sure you don’t leave anything behind. You wouldn’t want to move into your new house and on top of having to move your stuff in, you’re having to throw away leftovers from the previous owners. 

Moving house doesn’t need to be stressful. It can be a time for a fresh start and a clear out, just make sure you follow our tips to keep the process calm. If you’re looking to sell or buy a house, contact us for a quote!

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